Preference examination search

What is the preferential examination ?

It is a system that examines more preferentially than other applications for patent application, utility model application, and design registration application with certain requirements. Examination processing period is within approximately 3 months after submitting application. As KTG Co.,Ltd. is authorized as prior art search institute in accordance with Article 58(1), you can request prior art search for preferential examination through our website.


업무 절차 도식화

Notes for Application of Preferential Examination
  • 1. After you request the prior art search for preferential examination to KTG Co., Ltd, you have to request preferential examination online or offline at the Patent Office separately through agent or in person, and then you can be sure to receive the examination.
  • 2. When you submit documents for preferential examination at the Patent Office, you have to fill out “KTG“ in the box of institute of examination application, and have to write “you request that you have to notify prior art search requests and its results to commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office” in the box of the reason for preferential examination application, and then you can complete the process successfully.
  • 3. Even if you have already obtained a separate prior art search report, you must request the examination to prior art search specialized agencies in order to receive examination.
  • 4. Related citations and prescribed report about prior art search results are delivered to patent office or applicant in the form of the electronic media or print media types.
  • 5. The survey period is usually within 7 days after payment, after you fill out the form below, if it is an outstanding state, the investigation will be not conducted in the reception state ( Prior art search and an application of preferential examination mean that you can receive preferentially examination information about registration decision or registration rejection of your patent/utility model, and it doesn’t mean that you are able to register directly the patent/utility model.)

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