• Intellectual property service specialized company

    The company that aims for the best, and also pursues customer satisfaction and contribution to the society

    KTG is an authorized prior art search institute and evaluation institute for inventions by KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
    and offers a variety of patent information services
    by experts in the field of patent information service.

  • Patent Information Search

    KTG Co., Ltd is a specialized search organization designated Korean Intellectual
    Property Office in prior art and trademark & design

    We will always be your truthful supporter through
    prior art search and trademark & design search for certification for new technology or new product by KIPO.

  • IP consulting

    The best patent-related professionals provide the best service

    As intellectual property services specialist company that provides comprehensive services
    such as patent information search and IP consulting for obtaining and commercialization for intellectual property,
    we will become the partner of customers..

  • IP service
  • Patent information search
  • IP consulting