The National Assembly affair management system

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It is an integrated system that manages National Assembly task for systematic assembly data report and rapid process.

Management of a requested material and a written answer by member of the national assembly

- business processes that have been automated solving distribution, payment, collection and shipping in one click
- create a written answer using the answer form of standardized Korean (HWP)
- manage the written answer through security assessment and history management
- check real-time business situation that can understand the progress of the business at a glance
- improve user convenience through online help, business management, and official request documentation booklet

Providing national assembly information

- information of lawmakers chamber of the National Assembly and aide
- national assembly-related comprehensive information

Providing analysis and statistic material

- the analysis of the interest and trend of request materials by members
- the analysis of the main control and department

Response to inspections of government office in real time

- check the written answer using a smart device
- immediately comment utilizing real-time answers window

Improve usability through connection with other systems within organizations

- User authentication through SSO
- Notification function through e-mail / SMS /messenger
- Written answer approval function through the electronic payment system